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Apps at UVA

The University of Virginia Mobile Development Program

The term "Apps" is a shortened version of Mobile Applications. This site is a community hub for app development, offering a common set of resources and guidelines.

UVA Health System mHealth Technology Strategy

The focus of the UVA HIT mobile device and application (mHealth) program is to work in direct support of the goals of the Office of Health Information Technology. HIT goals include:

  • Build trust with customers
  • Provide the information needed to make better decisions
  • Deliver high-value technology solutions
  • Be “the place” to work

To that end, our mHealth program begins with three primary targets:


Supporting access

Access to services has long been identified as a barrier to use of UVA health care, both for our patients coming from the general public and our patients who are employees. In cooperation with experts in the mobile space, the mHealth program has designed and developed the UVAHealth app, a concierge app that provides appointment support, including indoor wayfinding.

Previously, the mHealth program delivered the UVA Children’s Hospital app, for patients coming to our Children’s Hospital.

Additionally, in cooperation with Marketing, the mHealth program has developed the UVA Docs app, software designed to permit fast searching of UVA’s clinicians by name and specialty, specifically for the purposes of making it easy to for external care providers to make a referral to UVA.

For current patients of UVA, the MyChart app connects directly to the Epic EMR and provides a controlled view of the medical record, with all the options currently made available by the clinicians. A significant advance in the adoption of this app is anticipated with the implementation of revenue and scheduling Epic tools at UVA.

Technologies making it easier to access services at UVA are high-value technology solutions.

Supporting outcomes

Almost all health care systems are targeting the opportunity to drive patient behavior towards better outcomes through mobile phones, our constant electronic companions. The UVA mHealth program has partnered with the division of Surgery to create the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) app, software designed to provide protocol reminders before and after surgery procedures. This app, in addition to supporting a program proven to improve patient recovery, has outstanding potential for the reduction of re-admissions. This is a high-value technology solution.

Supporting business

The mHealth program maintains a list of providers for software development services, and is actively reviewing emerging mobile technologies. For those projects not funded centrally, the mHealth program can connect departments with services that will help them build an app, and provide data services, standards and guidelines that preserve the technical, security, and branding experience standards of UVA. Several apps have been developed under this umbrella, including an app for Medical Education and an app for Urology.

To allow UVA to enter into agreements with app publishing stores, this program required the creation of an LLC company. This LLC required partnership across the Health System, Academic Technology support and the UVA Licensing and Ventures group. Creating this LLC made it possible for all UVA departments to publish apps, which in turn strengthens our entire presence as a technology innovator.

Supporting the efforts of other departments in this way builds trust with our customers.


App development at UVA is a community effort! By working together and pooling our resources, we are bringing our ideas to life. We invite you to join us. Contact me


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Our first app was just published!
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