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Project Plan

A project plan document is a roadmap to completing the app. This document provides a guide for all stakeholders as to the progress of the project and helps in visualizing all the required components and steps required to make the app work.

Project plans types vary by project, and may be in Excel or MS Project. We use both conventional (waterfall) project planning and agile project planning.

Waterfall plans should include milestones, work breakdown structures within milestones, assigned or responsible persons for each task, and delivery dates.

For projects developed in an agile mode, delivery dates are on a set schedule, and the project plan takes the shape of a task list prioritized by the customer. Tasks are taken in order of value with a secondary attention to time to complete. Assignments are self-selected at each work segment or sprint.

Sample Waterfall Plan

Kickoff meeting 1 hr 6/1/2014 Alice
Code Login Form 4 Days 6/2/2014 Jonathon
Create User Table 1 Day 6/7/2014 Mary
Milestone - Login WBS Complete - user acceptance testing 1 hr 6/8/2014 Mary

Sample Agile Plan

As a user, I need to be able to log into the system.
Code login form 4 Days
Create user table 1 Day