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Resource and Intellectual Property Gate

When the idea for an app has crystalized into documents, before it proceeds from Planning to Development, the proposed project must pass through the Resource and Intellectual Property Gate

Before code is written, two reviews should take place. The first is by the UVA Innovation Office, an entity that protects intellectual property developed using UVA resources. (This office may also be referred to as the UVA Patent Office.) This review is a protective step for all parties, not just the University, as the Innovation office has specialized skills at reading vendor contracts and agreements. The Innovation Office may also decide to file for patent protection at this time. It is this step that allows an app developer access to the UVA Apps, LLC., account on iTunes and Google Play stores so that the publisher may be officially listed as UVA.

Development of an app can be done by our in-house resources such as the ITS custom applications group, or development may be done by a partner. In the event of a statement of work or service agreement, the UVA Medical Center Procurement Office (or UVA Procurement, if the funds are supplied from an academic account) must review all contracts to ensure that purchasing policies and standards are followed. This further serves to protect the organization against contract pitfalls or unacceptable contract terms. Procurement provides contract negotiators to help work out agreements as required. This step is also a protective step for the project sponsor, as it can serve to limit liability in the event of an undesirable outcome.